The Board of Knowledge

Powerful spiritual openings, so that we can evolve and grow, towards enlightenment!

There is an Ancient Knowledge called The Board of Knowledge. This unique Knowledge gives a powerful opportunity to open people up, so that they spiritually can evolve and grow. And they will grow in the direction that is exactly right, for the specific individual.

This Board of Knowledge is something that is used everywhere in the Universe among Extraterrestrials, Angels and Light Beings. It can be worked with, over and over, and every time it helps the individual to grow and expand towards what is best for them and the direction that would lead them furthest in Spiritual Total Enlightenment.

The person who works with The Board of Knowledge is the “Giver” and the Opening Steps are given back and forth, between Higher beings in the Universe. Because, usually they do not upgrade themselves, but instead they need a humble Carrier of this Knowledge to open them up.

The Board of Knowledge can be given to anyone, without exception. It knows exactly what you need, for your own unique spiritual journey.

Every single one of the Signs, from The Board of Knowledge, leads us closer to Enlightenment and harmony with Holy Bliss.

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