Different Board Sessions

Sessions with Board 3
Board 3 sessions: can be done by distance or in person.

A Upgrade and a Opening
To reach the Absolute Highest Light. To grow spiritually and reach your own spiritual light. Can be performed physically or by distance.

For Time and deep connection to the Real NOW
An Enormously Big Meditation Opening for everyone. Can be performed physically or by distance.

A Opening of Higher Chakras
Increases awareness and understanding and creates a higher contact upwards. Opens up the third eye, heart and chrown chakra. Can be performed physically or by distance.

Sessions with Board 4
Board 4 sessions: can be done by distance or in person.

Regular Session Giving of Signs
Board 1-4 works with you and gives you holy signs. To open you up spiritually as an individual and present new opportunities in life, if needed.

Divine Spirituality
This session helps us become enlightened on a different level than the usual Enlightenment that is gained by doing Spiritual work, Spiritual openings, courses, Initiations, meditations, etc. Here, a person can start to find their own inner Divinity and learn to live for and with it in Divine Spirituality and its True Enlightenment.

Divine Happiness to all days of Life
Divine Happiness helps us to feel fulfilled in our daily life.

Holy Protective Energies
This session gives an extra strong protection around us. This session strengthens the body, the emotions and also the different layers in the aura. No form of negativity or negative people will willingly want to come into the energy field of your aura. There will also be protection for your body, consciousness and psyche.

Divine Deep Cleansing
This session cleanses the Soul, the Spirit, the Sunspark, the Sunstar, and our Total Enlightenment, in all its phases. Sometimes debris sneaks in even on these delicate levels, and they can be hard to cleanse on your own or with professional help. This Deep Cleansing goes to all the different kinds of aura layers, our vibration, and frequency. In our physical atomic level’s smallest layer, we have a vibration in the quarks. There is also space between the atoms which can be finely tuned and maybe cleansed from wrong interference. Our space in-between our atoms has to be clean enough to be able to work as it should, in order to take in a dimension other than our usual. Our Spiritual growth, knowledge, etc., also need purification. Sometimes Spiritual knowledge we have opened up to is impure. Sometimes we misunderstand knowledge and do the wrong things with it.

To Open Thoughts and Creativity
This is to create, like an Opening to move forward. It embraces and creates new ways of thinking and opens up wider views. It helps us think clearer and helps us to know what needs to be done. It helps creativity and artistic abilities. It affects the voice’s tone and ring in a positive way.

To Succeed and be Strong
This is a superb energy to give when one wants to succeed, go forward or be seen and acknowledged at work, in the relationship, with one’s children, in everyday life, etc. It is also good when someone feels down or have crashed psychologically.

Radiant Protection of Holy Light
Rays of Protection lights up and remove the darkness or the grey and dreary in ordinary days. Like giving life itself a life-injection of Light and strength. This comes through Radiant Protection of Holy Light.

A Holy Love Force Healing Session
A healing with Board 4, with a special Holy Love Force. Mixed with, white time healing energy and energies from beyond.

Cleaning scrap, dirt, black magic and implant
When cleaning the scrap it becomes more fluid and ultimately airy, then finally; it dissolves into completely nothing.

Trauma cleansing
Trauma can come from this life or past life. A trauma is like a sticker that draws new scrap and new bad experiences. With this cleaning the trauma becomes more fluid and ultimately airier and later dissolves it completely to nothing.

Initiations and upgrades: can be done by distance or in person.

Ceremonial Upgrades
Each Upgrade is 50,000 Steps. (There are 3 of these Upgrades and Each upgrade is 50,000 Steps. So together it is 150,000 Steps.) The Ceremonial Upgrades are not performed to open blockages but, instead are done to make pure upgrades.This is always the strongest and absolutely best thing one can do for Spiritual development. The person’s total frequency and vibration changes so thoroughly that the person becomes more fine-tuned and can, therefore, take in more Light. The space between their atoms becomes purified and filled with Light. The person’s consciousness will also be purified. With this level of purification, it becomes easier for someone’s consciousness to gain access to Higher Insights. The 50,000 Step Ceremonial Upgrades described can do and give more than just that. The Ceremonial Upgrades build a bridge between us people and the Divine, the Holy and something that is so “enormously much bigger than all that.

Initiation Ceremonies
To Become a Divinely Enlightened Human on Earth. Helps us to live outwardly and forward while we are here. It also helps us to connect with our totality. There are 4 of these Initiations.

Upgrades For Givers of The Board of Knowledge
Upgrades For Givers of Board of knowledge: can be done by distance or in person.

The Big Boost
This Upgrade is incredibly powerful. It is about a more complete growing and development with everything. Physical or by distance.

The Grand Boost
An even Higher upgrade. Physical or by distance.

A New Beginning
Upgrade given after the Giver has received their first Upgrade. Physical or by distance

Holy Drops of Water

Each bottle of Board 4 water can make more, by saving out just a few drops and mixing it with distilled water. It is good to make a quart or gallon for yourself so you do not run out. All types of Board 4 water are best used in conjunction with upgrades.

Holy Drops
Holy Drops can be used for a lot of things. The water of The Holy Drops gives a deeper feeling of pure insight, and a kind of protection on a spiritually holy level. The Drops give insight, not just spiritually, but also in how to take care of the beautiful things we already have or will be able to have, through humbleness and by living life gracefully. These Drops strengthen people within, inside their awareness, their bodies and their auras. It works the same way for animals, plants, nature, ocean and all of Mother Earth.

They are very powerful, but can still be drunk if diluted. Use one drop per liter of your favorite beverage – not just water can be used…

You can drop the Holy Drops in the nature where you live, or wherever you travel by airplane or car. The drops work well for everything outside, such gardens, yards and fields. It also works great for your house or apartment, but also other buildings such as factories, government buildings, schools, day care centers, hospitals etc. The Holy drops can be given to big oceans as well as small lakes, rivers and water wells. Just give one drop to the water.

In your home you can sprinkle them anywhere – in your favorite chair, bed, bath tub, on your flowers and pets. You can basically give them to whatever you want in your home. Drops also gives crystals, gems and stones Holy Power. This water can never be too strong.

As with all of these Waters, if you use one drop it lasts for 6 months, while 8 drops lasts for four years. One drop works on a radius of 50 kilometers (app. 31 miles).

Positive Holy Destiny Water
The Positive Holy Destiny Water can be used in the same way and for the same things as The Holy Drops. The big difference is that The Positive Holy Destiny Water is very positive and beneficial to balance and positively affect our destiny, karma, traumas, memories, dreams, feelings and future occurrences. Everything on our inner plane is very positively influenced such as our awareness, thoughts, dreams and feelings. It makes us calmer, happier, more creative and more curious about life. The same counts for the animal’s and nature’s total feeling of life.

The Divine Water of Hopefulness
The area of use for The Divine Water of Hopefulness is very much the same as described above for The Holy Drops and The Positive Holy Destiny Drops. It is also different since The Divine Water of Hopefulness Drops really give people hope. Our feeling for the future becomes calmer and more harmonious. It also helps us understand the flow of life and the things that are happening. Our inside and our awareness relaxes when using these drops. We become more stable and stronger even though the thoughts become more still and the feelings more relaxed. We will have harmony, balance, peace and quiet and happiness in life.

Different Holy Water Combinations:
Holy Drops with: Divine Spirituality

Holy Drops with: Divine Happiness to all days of Life

Holy Drops with: Holy Protective Energies and Radiant Protection of Holy Light

Holy Drops with: Divine Deep Cleansing

Holy Drops with: To Open Thoughts and Creativity

Holy Drops with: To Succeed and be Strong

A few more Divine Water Drops:
Divine Water of Forgiveness
Divine Water of Wisdom
Divine Water of Purification
Divine Water of Love

Board of Knowledge Glass
Laser engraved Board of Knowledge Boards

Now with a engraved snow crystal frame!
To order please contact me!
Price pr board: 750,-NOK
N.B. Payment agreement possible!
Material: Plexiglass
Engraved: On the backside
Size: 80mm x 110mm x 3mm
Available boards: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
Recommended fees for customized (size, engraving, material..): + 200 NOK

Board of Knowledge 1 and 2 Education
The Board of Knowledge is one of the oldest and probably the most effective way, to help other people with their spiritual development. When The Board of Knowledge is given to someone, it seek individually for each person’s potential and opportunity, for a successful and harmonious spiritual open future.

It does not matter which spiritual interests, the person you work with, have or do not have. They develop in the way, that is best for them. And we should not make suggestions or directions to shape their spirituality, each person has their own unique spiritual direction. The Board of Knowledge can be given to anyone and will always reaches everyone.

It is important to understand that The Board of Knowledge is not a form of healing, even if it, in some way, seems like it heals a broken and unhappy life. The Board of Knowledge leads people towards the right path, to suit their own beliefs, assumptions and more. It guides people gently, if they’re a little lost in life, but also help those who are confident in their way.

In Universal White Time Healing and even other spiritual work, we usually ask the person or potential client, if we can work with them. When you work with The Board of Knowledge it is not necessary. That’s because The Board of Knowledge works on levels that we just can’t understand. Its power goes where it should go and makes the changes that fit perfectly, for the one who receives. If The Board of Knowledge should be sent to “early”, before that spiritual change can happen, then the Sign\Signs wait for the perfect time, in the person’s life.

Whoever educates and works with The Board of Knowledge is called a Giver, just because that one gives. And we really give, with heart and soul. The client is called the Receiver, just because that he or she receives. Sessions with the board is about that the Giver gives, one or more Signs, by a system, where the Giver to begin with, are using a template with 36 characters. On the first course the student teaches how to work with two such templates, with a total of 72 Signs. In total there are five templates. All Signs can be combined with each other and then provides even further possibilities. There are also in-between Signs that can be activated by the Giver. This is also called; combined Signs and we maybe even do a fusion, or a melting of two specific Signs to create a third Sign.

At a session the appropriate Sign appears for the Giver and are then given to the receiver. Sessions can be performed individually, by a physical visit to the Giver, but also at a distance. Larger groups can also have Signs and even then it becomes individually openings. This is taught by a later class lesson and will be sent by email, as part 2 and a part 3 of The Board of Knowledge, of course 1 and 2, which often are included in the price of the first course.

Everything can be given Signs from The Board of Knowledge, even all kinds of animals, trees, ocean, rocks, meadows, etc. You can also work with your guides, spiritual leader, guardian angels, archangels, masters, God (if a believer), etc.

On the first course the student teaches template 1 + 2 or Board 1 and Board 2 as we say, and thus a total of 72 Signs. At the course the student is first and foremost a Giver, but eventually they can work on themselves and their own personal spiritual development. Nevertheless, we teachers often recommend Givers, now and then, to turn to another Giver to receive Signs, just for the experience.

Here is an example of what happens when someone receives The Board of Knowledge: The Receiver sits in front of the Giver with closed eyes. A consistently warm feeling arises and it becomes like a slightly more compact silence in the room. The body feels relaxed and slightly tingling. It feels like a weight is lifted off from the head, or that of a tight cap is removed.

Some say: Back home, I felt that things were easier to do. It was almost like I was walking on clouds and I just feel so happy. I could hardly wait for the next session, I wanted more and more.

Everyone feels that something has happened, something big. Some people experience clearly a new closeness to their guides, a new spiritual sense, and more. Sometimes the Signs needs a little time, before the miracle happens. So big things are happening, even if you only get a single Sign. And by that the person has definitely taken a big step forward in life and spirituality.

Education available as Class or by Distance. Price 6000,- (NOK)