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Healing, Upgrades and Spiritual Knowledge

How language shapes the way we think

A second language a second soul?

The Mystery of Crystals and Spirituality

Learn more about the usefulness of crystals for our spiritual evolution:

The mind sets the limits

Impossible is not a fact! It is an opinion!

Remote Viewing – Lucid Dreaming – Tips

Some tips on how to learn Remote Viewing and how to experience Lucid Dreaming If you don’t want to watch or just remember! It is about calming the mind and learning to read and feel frequencies!

Do you have Self-discipline

We aren’t born with self-discipline!
It’s a learned behavior.

A Relationship With An Alien

Love across all boundaries\Galaxies

It is Happening To Me or For Me?!

No matter what happens, you’ll get through it

Trapped in a little box

The mindset you learn can limit you, but you can break free and become limitless!

Upgrade your Mind and your Life

A small Guide to a Limitless Brain and a Limitless Life!