A Spiritual Upgrade and Healing

A Spiritual Upgrade and Healing


Moving forward Step by Step


More than just a remote healing!

I work for you on this day!
All your energies are raised and cleansed. Initiations are given to open new and beautiful Insights!
Plus you are given a lot of light, for more pure energy, to enter your all and everyday experiences!

You receive healing, cleansing, upgrades, openings and much more!

A day filled with peace and quiet for your energies, which will hold up
the positive energies for you, up to several days afterwards!

Time: One full day!
Price: $ 69
Performed at a distance!

Looking forward to starting the energy work for you


 During Your day:
We recommend that you take a few moments, where you sit or lie down and relax!
Both to take in more energy and for your own experience during the remote healing!
We recommend you to feel and absorb the positive and bright energies that work
and that you let small moments create peace and quiet in your mind!


* Remote or Distant healing is suitable for everyone and can also be recommended for anyone who is completely healthy. This is because a remote healing often opens up for new and more opportunities. In a way it helps you attract more harmony and happiness. Remote healing works with your energies and helps you to taken away the gray and dark energies, so that you can stand pure and with more light in everyday thoughts and feelings.

A remote healing is suitable for all ages and for all situations where you want more energy, calm, consciousness, joy, insight and much more!


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