Should I Exist?

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Should I Exist?

Should I Exist?

There is something so wonderful and amazing about life!
But at the same time, something, pushes you back and
down, like a hidden wall that holds you in place.

A barrier and a program that hides who you really are,
and Keeps adding lies, just to make you stop looking.
Even Shouting: Do not look here, you are not worthy…

But it is all Lies! Hidden Barriers to hold you back.
So Stop, Do Not look down on yourself anymore!
Push back and Keep on looking!

SO Yes! You should Exist!

You are Amazing,
You are Everything and More!

So Look Again, but this time,
Let Yourself Connect and hold within:
Your Core, The Biggest Light there is!

You Exist to Shine, so Shine!
Never stop to listen, to another lie,
Just Keep on looking at Your Light!

and let the Barriers crumble, piece by piece,
until Absolutely Nothing can hold you back!



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