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Abthir’s Logo comes from the letter A, also called the Alpha, which is the first letter of the Greek alphabet.

  • The letter Alfa is often put in the meaning ‘The First’ which is a good representative of the first step.
  • In addition, Alfa in astronomy is ‘the brightest star sign’ which is also a good representative of leading and guiding, joy and light.
  • In physics, alpha is a measure of the electromagnetic forces that ‘hold together the basic building blocks of matter’, which is also a good representative for sustaining.

To summarize, the first step towards light and joy is by sustaining your own energy!

Abthir Kristian Isaksen

Spiritual Healer and Teacher
Cellphone: +47 97118669
Email: abthir@yahoo.no
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Org.nr: 992606312
Adr: Abthir K. Isaksen, Tuvbakken 11, 7710 SPARBU, NORWAY

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